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Patented Patented

The state-of-the-art service that grows and improves. Every day.

Complete understanding of every patent

We've built the engine to fully understand every claim, claim element, and claim term published (in the US), including all utility, design, medical, and more.

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30 million active businesses in the US

The entire combined knowledge of all US businesses, their size, revenue, product and service lines.

Semantic Databases unlock the knowledge graph

Our next-generation database understands the key relationships between the entities that matter.

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Millions of Products. Monitored.

Proprietary semantic database of products. Purpose-built for maximum intellectual property leverage.

Direct pipeline into live news feeds

With a live firehose to feeds like PRNewswire, Business Wire, Globe Newswire, Newsfile, and ACCESSWIRE, our engine processes thousands of technology advancements, product announcements, and other critical news every single day.

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Constantly upgrading and improving

Designed from the ground up to be self-learning and self-updating, Patented gets more knowledgeable and effective with each passing day.

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