Release Notes

Powerful Intellectual Property Litigation Capabilities

New: Automated Source Code Capabilities

Automated Location of Relevant Codebases

Streamlining the process of locating relevant codebases related to the target patent.

  • Advanced parameter-based search for pinpointing specific codebases related to the target patent.
  • Secure retrieval of codebases as archives (zip), maintaining crucial metadata such as the "last modified" date of each source code file.
  • Efficient access to complete codebases for thorough analysis.
Automated Source Code Analysis

Delivering in-depth analysis of source code to assess its relevance and compliance.

  • Comprehensive examination of entire codebases for nuanced understanding.
  • Detailed analysis of code functionality in relation to specific target patent claims.
  • Systematic identification of key source code segments with clear explanations.
  • Critical gap analysis to pinpoint areas of non-compliance or concern.
Automated Claim-to-Code Mapping

Alignment of target patent claims with source code in the codebase.

  • Integrated with our automated claim reader, provides technically-accurate claim scope understanding.
  • Precise mapping of target patent claims to corresponding sections of the source code in the codebase.
  • Visuals for clear interpretation of claim-to-code relationships.
  • Comprehensive identification of alignments and discrepancies between target patent claims and the code.
AI Engine

Codebase Locator Engine now online.
Advanced algorithmic engine for pinpointing relevant codebases related to a target patent.

  • Utilizes sophisticated search parameters to accurately locate specific codebases related to a target patent.
  • Ensures secure and compliant retrieval of code archives, preserving essential metadata.

Source Code Analysis Engine now online.
Comprehensive analysis of codebase for alignment to a target patent.

  • Ability to analyze at a codebase level, a key aspect required for comprehensive source code analysis.
  • Conducts thorough examination of the codebase for detailed insight.
  • Assesses code functionality in relation to target patent claims.
  • Identifies and clearly explain crucial code segments and its relevance to the target patent.
  • Performs gap analysis to identify areas of potential risk as it relates to the target patent.

Claim-to-Code Mapping Engine now online.
Aligns target patent claims with source code in the codebase.

  • Integrated with our automated claim reading capability for precise mapping.
  • Maps target patent claims to code sections with precision, providing a clear understanding of alignment.
  • Integrated with our Visual Diagram Engine to incorporate visuals for easy interpretation of claim-code relationships.
  • Identifies and analyzes both alignments and discrepancies for comprehensive intellectual property protection.

New: Automated Claim Reading

December 2023 NEW CAPABILITY
Automated Claim Reading

To improve analysis accuracy, added capability to define claim terms, claim elements, and claim scope.

  • Technically-accurate definitions for individual claim terms and claim scope of a target patent now supported.
  • Locating all relevant disclosures.
  • Citations of disclosures now fully supported.
  • Scope limits now fully supported.
Claim Reader

Interactive UI to easily browse the glossary of claim terms and their definitions and sources.

  • Claim Reader now integrated with our claim mapping UI.
  • Enable on-hover quick-view of claim terms and claim elements, and their individual, technically-accurate definition.
AI Engine

Claim Term Graph Engine now online.
Build relational, semantic graph of each claim term (of each patent) for true understanding and analysis .

  • Automatically build multi-dimensional claim term graph of all the claim terms within the target patent.
  • Claim Term Graph traversal now supported for additional context.
  • Associating Claim Terms with each claim element and claim for higher fidelity analysis.

Citation Engine now online.
Source document citations enable traceability and transparency.

  • Automatically locate the relevant disclosures from the target patent.
  • Identify, extract, and analyze the discloures and its citations within the source document.

Scope Limit Engine now online.
Automatically determine the Scope Limits from citations.

  • Analyze each citation to determine scope limits.
  • Determine the boundaries of the claim term.

Definition Engine now online.
Utilize all citations and scope limits to determine the technically-accurate meaning.

  • Individual claim term definitions now supported.
  • Individual claim element definitions now supported.
  • Claim scope now supported.

Parallel AI Processor now online.
Intelligent parallel execution order and compute flow optimizations to enable faster speed-to-customer-impact.
Improve speed by 50-75x by simultaneously processing:

  • Extraction of claim terms across all claims of a target patent.
  • Building of claim term graph upwards of tens of dozens of claim terms.
  • Location and extraction of hundreds to thousands of disclosures and citations.
  • Analysis and determination of Scope Limits.
  • Traversing of the claim term graph via multiple entry points.

Teams & Target Patent Sharing now supported

November 2023 WORKSPACE

Workspaces now support teams via secure corporate authentication.

  • Team members now supported.
  • Add a team member from your Workspace settings.
Target Patent Sharing

Enables ability to grant access to the target patent and its:

  • Product search results
  • Prior art search results
  • Claim mappings
  • Claim reading

New: Automated Claim Mapping

Automated Claim Mapping

Added capability to map claims with each product result.

  • In-depth, step-by-step analysis of how the product reads on the target patent's claims.
  • Visual diagrams enable crystal-clear, fast analysis and understanding.
AI Engine

Comparative Engine now online.
Enables ability for in-depth, accurate analysis of target patent vs product and target patent vs patent.

  • Target patent data preparation with deep claim and claim element analysis.
  • Product preparation with deep product component feature and capabilities analysis.
  • Claim mapping verification at the claim element by claim element level.

Visual Diagram Engine now online.
Enables crystal-clear visual diagrams to show exactly where the product or patent reads on the target patent.

  • Automatic step-by-step visual analysis.
  • Supporting Multi-zoom and multi-scale diagrams with varying degrees of detail.
  • Color-coded for easier readability.
  • Automatic annotations, directly on the visual diagram, to add context.

New: Automated Location of Products

Product Search

Added capability to locate products that match a target patent.

  • Ability to just input a patent number to initiate the product search.
  • Interactive UI to enable quicker browsing and viewing of the product search results.
AI Engine

Real-time Newswire Data Feeds now online.
Enables real-time access to new company announcements via direct connection to live newswires:

  • PRNewswire
  • Business Wire
  • Globe Newswire
  • Newsfile

Semantic Product Engine now online.
Enables automatic real-time detection of new and existing products.

  • Semantic analysis of newswire press releases and news articles.
  • Semantic Database now supports products, components, features, and other product areas.

Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace now supported

Corporate Authentication

Added capability to support popular corporate IT environments for security and ease of use.

  • Integration with Microsoft 365 now supported.
  • Integration with Google Workspace now supported.

New: Automated Prior Art Search

Instant Prior Art Search

Added capability to locate prior art (patents) that match a target patent.

  • Ability to just input a patent number to initiate the prior art search.
  • Interactive UI to enable quicker browsing and viewing of the prior art search results.
AI Engine

Prior Art Search Engine now online.
Enables ability to locate prior art for a target patent.

  • 11+ million US patents supported.
  • Claim element disclosure analysis.

Knowledge Graph Engine now online.
Intelligent, self-improving relational knowledge graph between entities.

  • Updating entities, related entites, and impacted data on new semantic analysis.
  • Ability to get insights from an entity and its degrees of connections.

Semantic Database now online.
Database to store the normalized semantic data.

  • Ability to store and fast-retrieve entity and related entity data.
  • Ability to query for insights and extract relations across topic areas.